The first Challenge of the Indio was carried out in 2005 as a walk of several sections, from Chumico to Boca de Río Indio. First we rode bikes from the beach to Río Indio Nacimiento, passing through El Valle de Antón. Then we walked to Tres Hermanas on the Río Indio route. In Tres Hermanas we changed to kayaks and paddled to Boca de Río Indio in the Caribbean. This race is born of our desire to share this route with all the runners who are attracted to the challenge of running from one ocean to another across an entire continent.

The first tour took a whole weekend from the early hours of Saturday until Sunday nightfall. Over time we improved the tour and later we did it without stopping to sleep. Now we propose to turn this challenge into a race with a 36 hour cutoff. Join the Indian Challenge!