Aid Stations

# Distance Place Length Type
1 25k La Encantadita 25k Complete
2 37k El Limón 12k Complete
3 49k Tres Hermanas 12k Complete
4 59k Las Claras Abajo 10k Complete
5 73k Los Chorros 14k Complete
6 81k Boca de Las Minas 8k Complete
7 90k La Mesa 9k Complete
8 102k La Estancia 12k Complete
9 114k Cariguana SPA 12k Complete
10 122k El Limón (La Silla) 8k Complete
11 134k Matapalo 12k Complete
12 145k Roma 11k Complete
13 155k Las Guías 10k Complete
14 160k Finish Line 5k Complete

The aid stations will have water, electrolytes, sodas, fruits, solid food, gels and salt. At night we will also have broth and noodles. Every runner must have his own cup. We will not have disposable cups at the stations.